Helping every student achieve their best

Our Guarantee


Our students perform better on tests and exams. They see improvements in their grades and greater confidence towards their schoolwork.


We collect minimal data (name/email/grade) from our students. All our tutors have an up to date police record check, and have an extensive background in teaching and tutoring

Easy To Use

Booking time with our tutors is quick and simple. Starting lessons is easy, and our interactive white board is intuitive for all students.


Our tutors have passion and enthusiasm that is contagious. They are invested in their students' success, and love hearing about their improvement.


A proper education should not break the bank. We offer rates that are some of the best in the industry. There are no commitments so you get exactly the amount of tutoring you want.


Book lessons for times and days that work best for you. Unlike other online tutoring you always get the tutor you'd like to work with most.

Our story

North Tutoring began with regular neighbourhood tutors, working with local students. As students and tutors moved around the province and country they continued to work together, just now they met online!

What started as a way to stay connected with old students, became a way to reach new students all across the province. North Tutoring now helps hundreds of students achieve their best in education

We believe every student deserves quality, affordable tutoring regardless of where they live or if they happen to have help available in their area. Our vision is to provide additional help to every student in Canada that needs it

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Tutoring is charged on an hourly basis, and varies for every tutor. Our typical rate is around $30/hour.

Rates are chosen by each tutor, and are based on subject, grade level, and course difficulty.

We don't require any credit card or payment information for the first hour of tutoring, so you can try our services commitment free.

What do I need for online tutoring?

A computer with Zoom installed, a microphone, and an internet connection.

What payment methods are available?

Lessons are booked first, then paid for at the end of each month.

Students are emailed an invoice, and can choose their preferred payment method.

Payment methods include e-transfer, credit card, and PayPal.

What grades do you tutor?

North Tutoring aims to provide tutors for elementary students, high school students, and anyone enrolled in university or college.

The best way to see if we have a tutor available for your grade level is to set up a profile and search our tutor directory.

North Tutoring bases our tutors on demand. If you do not see a tutor for the subject/grade you'd like, do not worry. We keep track of all searches of our tutor directory, and if enough people are searching for a given subject/grade a tutor may appear within a short period of time.